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Terms & Conditions

All terms and conditions of Motocollection.us are listed below. Take a detailed look at them for avoiding any future misconception.

1. The contract between us

It is essential for us to receive the full amount of the order from you before we can proceed it. We will confirm the order and arrange for a delivery once the amount has been received. We will do this by sending an email to the customer as an order confirmation email. After the acceptance, a contact will be formed between us bringing the order into existence.

2. Our right to refuse your order   

Remember that we have the right to refuse any order of yours for some reason. It can be done in case payment has been received or not by us. Following are some reasons for this:

We don’t have sufficient stock to make the delivery of your ordered product.

We can’t deliver to your residence due to area restrictions.

The ordered good is listed with incorrect price because of any typographical error or supplier’s error in providing the correct information about the product.

In case we refuse to accept your order, we will notify you by sending an email. We will also make a re-credit all the amount deducted from your account/credit card in a short time. (30 days after the order). However, motocollection.us will not be liable for providing any further amount for the disappointment suffered by the customer.

3. Price

The prices of all products are listed on the website.

Customer may be required to pay some extra amount as delivery charges (if imposed later) for making sure to deliver at his place.

Remember that all orders are advanced in USD at the time of order. We have displayed the estimated conversions into other currencies for the customer convenience. Such prices may change to some extent between the order placement and dispatching date.

4. Right for you to cancel your contract

Customer can cancel the contract of the ordered good at any time with in fourteen days of the order. Customer is not liable to explain any reason for the cancellation of the order nor will pay any penalty.

For proceeding the cancellation of order, send us an email as a notification.

In case the delivery has been made before the cancellation of the order, you have to send the product(s) back to our address at your own risk and cost. In this case, you must not unpack the goods as you have already cancelled the contract.

The special ordered items including any custom products are excluded from this scenario. These items can only be returned if found faulty.
We will re-credit your debit/credit card or account in case you have cancelled the order.

In case you cancel any contract without returning the goods in good condition, or don’t pay the delivery charges, we will deduct such direct costs ourselves recovering from the amount to be re-credited to your account.

5. Delivery of goods to you

We deliver all products to the address customer gives us at the time of making the order. After the delivery, customer will be considered as the sole owner of the products. In this case, motocollection.us will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the delivered goods as the customer is the owner.

6. Fraud prevention

By signing up on the website, you agree that our site can use your personal information for conducting anti-fraud checks. This info can be revealed to any fraud prevention agency for good purpose.

We will validate the personal information like name and address that you supply us while making the order before giving it to any third party. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to such activities done by us. We will only do this thing for assuring your identity and to make sure that a credit check is not presented. Your credit rating will not be affected while doing so. We will treat all the information that you provide us with great security while following the data protection act 1998.

7. Notices

All notices which you want to send us, must be in writing. You can send us at support@motocollection.us. We will display your notices on our website on certain occasions.

8. Events beyond our control

Motocollection.us shall have no liability for the failure in delivering goods or delay. We will have no liability for any damage caused to the goods due to any reason that is beyond our control. These circumstances may include strikes, industrial disputes, flood, fire, accident, explosion or the breakdown or network access.

9. Governing law

All contracts between the customers and us shall be directed under the English Law. Any dispute between us shall be observed by the English courts.

10. Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions define the whole agreement between us. It may include the website prices, privacy policy and contact and delivery details.

We will have no liability for any fraudulent misrepresentation.

Any fraudulent activity by any person/sales person should not be considered as the authorized representation about products. Such activity will have no concern regarding these terms and conditions.


Complaints procedure

You can always contact us for any complaint or message. We will try to resolve your issue in a less time. If case our team fails in doing so, you can always write to customer services email address. support@motocollection.us.