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                       How to Measure?


(1): Height of a Person: Measure while standing next to a wall while putting a ruler horizontally on your head. The point where the ruler interacts with the wall is your exact length.

(2): Waist Length: Take measurement from the down back to your collar to its waist point.

(3): Sleeve Length: Leaving your arms relaxed, measure over the shoulder point down to the outside of your arm, and elbow to the wrist. Keep in mind to leave your elbow slightly bent.

(4): External Leg Length: Wearing a trouser, take measurement from the top of the waist down to the bottom.

(5): Crotch to Ground: Take the position as shown in the diagram and measure from the crotch to the ground.

(6): Chest Around: For exact measurement, measure across your nipples to the full extent of your chest. While doing so, keep your arms closely around the body.

(7): Breast Around (for Women's Only): Take measurement of your complete chest, (across your nipples) around the body.

(8): Bicep Around (Men's Only): Wrap the tape tightly around your upper arm and measure the widest section of your arm.

(9): Waist Around: Take a close measurement of your waist (natural waist level).

(10): Hips Around: This measurement involves the widest point of the hips. Take a measurement around your hips. For accurate measurement, avoid using jeans. We recommend using any trousers or other loose gear. Don’t keep the tape too tight while measuring.

(11): Neck Around: Take a close measurement around your neck just below the Adam’s apple.