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Secure Shopping

Motocollection.us provides 100% secure and safe shopping. We utilize the best security systems to protect the personal information of our clients. Our top priority is to protect client’s payment information. Therefore, we pass the credit card details directly to the bank and don’t store it in our systems.

We have adopted many technological protections to make our transactions safe and secure. Our Bank servers directly receive your Payment information and then transmit it to your bank servers. For making it happen, we use the industry standard encryption protocol called SSL. Many companies ignore the SSL encryption security. Always take caution when purchasing something online. Following are some security tips to ensure the safety of your information.

Safety and Security Tips

Protect your passwords:

  • Whenever you use a public computer, be sure to log out after an online session.
  • Always keep your password private and change it if someone knows your password.
  • When you create a password, its length should be 6-15 characters. You can use valid letters and numbers for a strong password. You should not use your name or any dictionary word, as it can be easily guessed.
  • Remember to change your password frequently.
  • Don’t use the same password too often for different accounts.

Beware of unwelcomed e-mail and telephone contacts:

  • Motocollection.us doesn’t email any customer to disclose their password, bank account number or credit card number. We only require such information while creating an account and placing an order. You may also be required to so when updating your account information. If you ever receive any email to update your account, simply consider it an attack. Don’t click on that link and report us immediately about such an activity. Always first access our site directly from motocollection.us and then your account.
  • It is recommended to carefully inspect any emails regarding order and shipment confirmation. You should review whether or not they are legitimate and have been sent by Motocollection.us. You can do so by cross-referencing checking the transaction history of your account and the confirmation email. Always report an email confirmation for a transaction not made by you on Motocollection.us.
  • If any email asks you for your account password, never reply it.
  • Don’t reply any Phishing email containing a tone of urgency. Such mails may contain contents like “Please login immediately to keep your account active” or “Your account may be at risk”.
  • If you are unsure about the authentication of the email, don’t click on its provided link. It can install unwanted malicious software on your PC.

Ensure your Personal Computer is protected:

  • These days, hackers send genuine looking emails containing viruses and other malicious software. Don’t open such emails in order to keep your account safe.
  • Follow these points to make sure that your PC is safe:
  • Always install the latest anti-virus/anti-spyware program and update it recently.
  • Install the personal firewall on your PC.
  • Try to download the latest security updates.
  • Don’t download attachments from unknown emails.