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The Motorcycle and other dynamic sports activities are quite dangerous. Such sports may result in severe injuries and even death. Therefore, we have launched plenty of top quality products including protective gears for ensuring your safety. Motocollection.us products are manufactured to give comfort and performance at the same time.

It should be kept in mind that no product can offer any person a complete protection against any loss or injuries incase of a crash or impact. Every biker should be familiar with his/her protection and should know the limitations of the protective gear and should use them on his/her own will. A biker should first assume the risks and then use the products. Motocollection.us will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred while wearing its products. Motocollection.us makes no warranties about the suitability of its products. The site doesn’t give any guarantee to protect anybody from death or damage while using its products.

Use of the Website:

Motocollection.us authorizes the viewing and downloading of content available on the site. However, one should only use the materials of Motocollection.us for Personal use. No one is allowed to use our content for profit or commercial purpose. No one is allowed to modify our contents. These contents include images, graphics, videos, text, icons, writings, illustrations, animations and drawings etc. While visiting the site, you accept all these terms and conditions. If you do not accept, please don’t visit our website. Also note that Motocollection.us can make any changes in these contents without any prior notice. Every user is required to abide by such changes. The name and logo “Motocollection” are registered trademarks of Motocollection.us.

Protection of databases:

The site’s structure contains set of databases protected under law. So, all the materials within in the site that belong to Motocollection.us or any third party (who has given license to Motocollection.us) are protected under law.

Communications User:

It is strictly forbidden to post any kind of obscene, pornographic, threatening and unlawful content on this site. Personal data is processed by Motocollection.us and we try our best to protect such data from alteration, disclosure, destruction or unauthorized access. You can visit Motocollection.us site without providing your personal information. However, you will be required to provide us your personal information like full name, address, email address, billing address, shipping address, telephone number and means of payment etc. when registering an account on the site. The same fields will be required from you while placing an order on the site. We will use the same personal data for further contacting you. If the user of the site requires deleting such data because he/she no longer requires us to use this data for contacting him, we’ll respect his/her will. MotoCollection will never disclose the personal data of its users to anyone (including third parties). However, we may do so for helping law incase any user commits a crime, theft or fraud.


The site uses cookies stored by browser on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are essential for tracking the user data and personalizing the online experience. Cookies are of two types. Temporary – that are expired after the user exits the browser and Permanent – which remain in the hard drive even after the user exits the site. Motocollection.us uses both types of cookies i.e. temporary and permanent. These Cookies files will be helpful in optimizing the site navigation and to provide the personalized services to users. You can choose whether to accept or refuse the cookies from your browser. But it is recommended that you accept cookies. Most Browsers will automatically accept cookies from different sites.

Log files:

Motocollection.us analyzes some kind of specific technical information when a user visits a page. This information includes browser type, IP address, Country, location, and the address of the last visited page. Motocollection.us may reveal such information to any third party for better understanding the user taste and to improve site services. However, we won’t sell or disclose one’s personal information to any third party.


Following are the conditions for creating of any link to this site.

The link or the material in it should not contain any framing or any background. You should not imply any direct or indirect relation with Motocollection.us to any third party. The links should not be used or copied for commercial purpose. While posting links, a user should not post any false information about the products or services of Motocollection.us. No one can use the logo and trademarks of Motocollection.us. The link should not lead to any offensive or controversial content and should be suitable for viewing by all kinds of people including minors. The Linking should lead only to the Home Page of Motocollection.us but can lead to other pages only if the permission for doing so is granted. The Link’s original should not include the name or logo of Motocollection.us.

Links to Other Web Sites:

The links present on the site Motocollection.us are of third parties and are present only for convenience. Therefore, Motocollection.us doesn’t actually control the third parties links or the content in it. Our site will not be liable for any information or content present in such links and therefore one should access such links at his own risk.

Site Security:

Users are not permitted to violate any security feature of Motocollection.us. It includes the following:

1). Accessing data not intended for users, i.e. Trying to logging into server account.

2). Trying to check the vulnerability of the system or network or breaching the system security.

3). Interfering with the services of Motocollection.us by overloading the system, spreading harmful viruses to the site or sending huge amount of data.

If you use this site from any device with any browser, then it means that you agree to this agreement.



The site’s content and its features offered are available as they are. Motocollection.us or any third party will not be liable for any damage caused to any user from using this site. Motocollection.us can change the above mentioned rules anytime without any prior notice. And every user/customer will have to abide by such changes. All of above statements are subjected to UK laws. If any dispute that arises from these warnings and conditions, such disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of UK courts.