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  • Never try to take your own measurements.
  • For accurate measurements, call a second party.
  • You may tie a string around your waistline for reliable measurements.
  • Apply constant pressure to the tape during measuring.
  • Try to measure yourself on your bare skin as it will provide the correct measurements of yours.
  • Stand tall with relaxed muscles and feet together during measuring.
  • Measure each time before buying any suit or clothing. Never rely on the past measurements.
  • Remember to measure under exact conditions as before. (with same clothes or without clothes)
  • Flexible measuring tools such as cloth or plastic will be proved better for measurements.  




How to Measure? 

1): Height of a Person: For exact measurement of your height, stand next to a wall. Put a ruler horizontally on the head and spot the point where the ruler touches the wall. Measure the space from the floor to that spot.

2): Waist Length: Measure from the down back to the base of the collar to the waist point.

3): Sleeve Length: Relax your arm leaving the elbow slightly bent, and then measure from over the shoulder point towards the down outside of arm and elbow to the wrist. For better measurement, do not make the tape too tight.

4): External Leg Length: Measure from the top of the waistband on trousers, down to the bottom (end of trousers).

5): Crotch to Ground: Evolve your body in a measuring taunt and measure from the lowest part of crotch down to the ground.

6): Chest Around: Take this measurement at the greatest extent of your chest (across your nipples) under the arms closely around the body.

7): Breast Around (for Women's Only): Measure the complete section of your chest across your nipples under the arms, around your body.

8): Bicep Around (Men's Only): Measure your biceps by wrapping the tape tightly around the upper arm. Note: measure the widest part of the arm for this purpose.

9): Waist Around: Measure around the body at the common waist level of your body.

10): Hips Around: Measure the widest point of your hips and buttocks while wearing fitting trousers (avoid jeans). While doing so, make sure that your pockets are empty. Don’t make the tape too tight during measurement process.

11): Neck Around: Take a skin tight measurement around the neck just below the Adam’s apple.